‘Selfless Adventures That Advocate For Good, Organically Validate A Purposed Life’-Founder, Adventure Aaron Carotta

     We are a 501c non-profit that platforms an everyday person with the needed resources, to do a life changing adventure, advocating for their cause of choice.

     Each year, we fundraise in effort to create adventure ‘Grants’.  Next, these grants are offered to anyone around the world who can then launch their ‘Adventure’ campaign.  Then, we works with each adventure to maximize the exposure they ‘Advocate’ for using our established media contacts and production teams.  

     Over the last decade members of ATA have been aligning themselves with others of similar beliefs to help others take the first step on their own adventure, get exposure for their cause, and pay it forward to those wanting to do the same.  Now, we all work together and invite you to come along for the ride.  ATA is set up so that many of you can get involved and be part of our team.  Please take a walk around our site, visit the various mentioned tabs above, and get inspired.  

     From ‘Adventures’ to ‘Advocate’, there are ways you can get involved by joining the movement that does, ‘Adventures That Advocate’.