Some of the most important ways to gain a step forward on your adventure, often come from other contacts you know.  Below is a program we filmed in New Zealand while promoting an organizations called, Canteen. We work closely with proven television production companies, have working relationships with TV networks, big screen theaters, and cutting edge digital formats, providing you the ultimate mission control station. 

     Our adventure satellites then have the capability to reach and distribute the content around the world. Represented exclusively by international distributors, we work in association with any other possible contacts from the benefactors circle to maximize the exposure for all.

     We believe in this digital and social world, now is a chance to utilize exposure in a positive way. If you have a good deed, act, or even an organization that needs exposure, we are dedicated to helping. With call to actions, creative marketing, and overall awareness, we have reached millions, like our first project ‘Bucket Wish’, seen above. We also have experience on a local, national, and international level that gains that attention. 

     Please reach out and give us a brief idea for your idea, and we will review it from there. Annually we package it all up and title them annually as ‘Adventure Grants’. We are hoping to offer a minimum of 20 ‘Adventure Grants’ in 2020 and feature this in our first nationally syndicated TV program called ‘Adventures That Advocate’.  We look forward to helping others and hearing more from you!

1-Hike a Trail 
2-Paddle a River
3-Sail a Sea
4-Fly a Sky
5-Bike a road
6-Horseback a path
7-Swim a body of water
8-Climb a mountain
9-Walk the foreign sand dunes
10-Cross country Ski Slopes
and many more…..
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